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  • Locate Hidden Canals
  • Expose Separated Instruments
  • Perform Deep Operations on the Chamber Floor and Beyond


  • Maintaining a Functional View Corridor beyond the Handpiece Head
  • Avoiding Shaft Impingement on Deep Access Cavity Walls
  • Creating No Heat

Perform durable pre-endodontic build-up creating ideal isolation in cases of severe coronal breakdown while preserving a “dedicated channel” through the build-up material back into each canal.
Re-build broken-down structure and elevate the “work-site” out of hemorrhage, saliva and tissue contaminants.
Elongate the “hydraulic chamber” of the canal via Canal Projection and create an improved hydraulic circumstance that facilitates greater opportunity to elaborate coronally-positioned exits (lateral canals) during hydraulic condensation of gutta percha.
    Designed for deep exploratory operations extending well beyond the chamber floor to:
  • Expose separated instruments lying deep within the body of the root
  • Chase the MB2 canal of maxillary molars
  • Chase the 2nd D canal in mandibular molars
  • Chase the 2nd or 3rd canal in premolars
    Designed for shallow operations on - or just beyond - the chamber floor to:
  • Perform the same operations as the Deep Troughers when longer reach is not required or when limited inter-arch space requires shorter burs
  • Brush away necrotic isthmus tissue
    Designed for caries excavation within deep endodontic access cavities to:
  • Provide positive caries-removing control of the #6 round carbide head
  • Prevent impingement on deep access cavity walls
  • Maintain a functional view corridor beyond the handpiece head
    True endodontic problem-solvers, Root Canal Projectors facilitate:
  • Pre-endodontic build-up while preserving canal access
  • Improved clamp retention
  • Improved condensation hydraulics via elongation of the canals
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