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B-K1-U (14) Munce Discovery Burs® & Bur Block (Unmarked Slots)
Set (14) Munce Discovery Burs and Unmarked Bur Block

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These customized bur blocks hold 14 of the Munce Discovery Burs and accommodate all of the Munce Burs, including the 34mm-long burs, as well as the 31mm-long burs.
The platform of the bur block is not labeled, and therefore the dentist can set up a customized sequence of the Munce Discovery Burs.
The block comes with a set of 14 Munce Discovery Burs: all of the 31mm Shallow Troughers, all of the 34mm Deep Troughers, and the TruGrit TroughRefiner®.
Set does not include the new 28mm Super Shallow Troughers.
Price: $220.00


Description Technical Specs Extended Information
Munce Bur Block. 14 unmarked holes. Extra height lid accommodates any length, including both 31mm and 34mm long Munce Discovery Burs.
Comes with 31mm, 34mm, Cariesectomy and TruGrit TroughRefiner set of Munce Discovery Burs®.
Bur Block (anodized aluminum)
Platform unmarked to allow for customized set-up
Holds 14 slow-speed latch-type Munce Discovery Burs

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